Thu 11 Feb 2016
31 Rabi' Al-Thani 1437 AH
Friday Jummah Azaan will be at 12.25pm

The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

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ICC Hosts National Launch of 'Visit My Mosque' initiative on Sunday 7 February 2016

Friday Prayers / Jummah Salah
Friday Prayers / Jummah will be at 12.25pm
Imam: Sh. Kazi Luthfur Rahman
Islam & Domestic Violence

15 January 2016
The Islamic Cultural Centre welcomes Sadaf, Huda, and Maliha Ayaz, three sisters who are published writers all under the age of 17.
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Tabung Haji Hosts ICC at the High Commission of Malaysia
23 December 2015

The Islamic Cultural Centre was warmly welcomed at the Malaysian High Commission for a Zakat giving Ceremony.
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ICC's Al-Qalaam Weekend School organises an Internal Teacher Training Programme
Sunday 20th December 2015

Topics covered included: Behaviour Management, Child Protection & Health and Safety in the School.
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World Day of Arabic Language 18th December 2015
Language is not merely a tool for communication, but rather the bearer of a whole range of cultural expressions and a bridge enabling close relations between societies. More info >

11th International Muslim Forum in London
15th December 2015

International Muslim Forum was chaired by the Russian Grand Mufti Dr. Ravil Gaynutdin and was suported by ICC
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Imam Two Day Training Programme on 'Moderation and the Values of Dialogue'
15 & 16 December 2015

The ISESCO and Qatar Charity in partnership with ICC had organised a two days training for Imams on: Moderation and the Values of Dialogue.
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Islamic Cultural Centre Receives Delegates from the Grand Mufti of Russia
12 December 2015

Director General Dr Ahmad Al-Dubayan was delighted to receive delegates on behalf of the Grand Mufti of Russia Dr. Ravil
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Grand Mufti of Poland Shaikh Ahmad Tomasz Miskiewicz Visits The Islamic Cultural Centre More info >

The Council of British Hajjis in partnership with The Islamic Cultural Centre hosted a historic Hajj debrief meeting in the UK Parliament on Wednesday bringing together pilgrims, British Hajj & Umrah tour operators, academics, MP's, and Peers from both Houses of Parliament. More info >

H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK meets with Director of ICC More info >

Prime Minister of Pakistan - Muhammad Nawaz Sharif offers Eid ul Adha prayers in the The Islamic Cultural Centre.
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The Islamic Cultural Centre London in partnership with Al Furqan Islamic Foundation held a three day training course on 'The Philosophy of Islamic Law' with a number of renound international academics. Click here for more info & photos.. >

His Excellency Major General (Retd) Dato Paduka Seri Haji Aminuddin Ihsan - Brunei Darussalam High Commissioner to the United Kingdom & Trustee of The Islamic Cultural Centre More.. >
Eastern Faiths Scriptural Reasoning Event
We are pleased to host a unique Scriptural Reasoning Program for the Eastern traditions.

This Program seeks to engage the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Assyrian and Buddhist communities so that we may know one another without ignorance.

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2016
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

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Book Distribution 2016
Did you know the ICC distributes the Quran in over 25 different languages?

The ICC is very pleased to have received from the King Fahad Printing Complex, Madina - Saudia Arabia, Qurans in different languages & a number of books for free distribution to Organisations based within the UK.

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   Muslim Social Forum >>
Sunday 28 February 2016
2pm - 4.30pm
Library Conference Hall
Light refreshments will be served throughout the event.
Everybody is welcome to attend this event
If you are new to Islam, wishing to refresh your knowledge or just interested to learn more about Islam in general then you are most welcome to attend the Muslim Social Forum with discussions & Q&A's

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Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan
Tolerance in Islam with respect to other religions
Saturday 30 January 2016

New Lessons in Main Prayer Hall after Maghrib

Sh. Kazi Luthfur Rahman will be holding 30 minute lectures in the Main Prayer after Maghrib Prayer every Wednesday & Saturday.

Every Wednesday
Book: Umdatul Ahkaam Min Kalami Khair Al-Anam
Language: Arabic

Every Saturday
Book: Riyad As-Saaliheen Min Kalami Sayeed Al-Mursaleen
Language: English
New Shari'a Circle in Hausa Language.

A new Shari'a Circle is being launched titled Ta'leem.

The course will be taught in Hausa Language by:
Sheikh Abdulrazaq Ibrahim.

Every Saturday after Asr Prayer on the right hand side of the prayer hall.
The Shari'a Circle will cover:

- Tafseer Ibn Katheer
- 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
- Umdat Al Ahkam by Ibn Hajar

Paris Attack - An Attack Against The Whole of Humanity

We are deeply saddened and send our sincerest condolences to the families of the deceased. We pray to God to safeguard us all from such shocking terrorist attacks committed by these criminals wherever and whoever they might be.

The perpetrators of this heinous act go against the fundamental teachings of Islam, which encourages the safe guarding of all human life.

Click here to read the full statement and download a pdf version
Demonstrations which are held outside The London Central Mosque Trust

Recent Demonstrations (and all those held in the past) have in no way any link or relation to the views or the mission statement of the London Central Mosque Trust as sometimes incorrectly perceived by the press, media and general public.

The demonstration is being held on the public footpath, not in the Mosque. Any Organisation which chooses to stand directly outside the Mosque can inadvertently portray a misguided perception to the public that they are somehow linked to the Mosque which they are not and never have been... To read the full press release.. click here >>
ICC Education Unit Launch New Range of Courses

The Islamic Cultural Centre Education Unit launches the Hikmah Youth Project. Starting with a range of youth & GCSE revision classes

Revision for:              Years 9,10 and 11
Revision Topics:      Maths, English & Science
Date & Time::            Every Friday from 6pm - 7.15pm

For More Information and to Register Click Here

Safer Neighbourhood Message from the Police

Westminster Police, working closely with our partners at the Central London Mosque, are keen to reassure our Muslim communities following recent events in Paris but also in other parts of the world.

We encourage people to report any incident of hate crime directly to police or by a third party, however minor it may seem. We would also urge people to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to assist us keeping Westminster safe for all.

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