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Mon 29 Nov 2021

Arabic Course

Arabic Course - Course Material

The Text Book

The detailed text book is a series named "Useful in learning and teaching Arabic" A series prepared and published by Granada Editions in France and approved by ISESCO, the series is specifically designed to:

Develop student's different language skills which include reading, writing, speaking and understanding.

Providing the student with a good range of linguistic, cultural and valuable knowledge, enabling him to communicate naturally with this language and interact spontaneously with its people.

Extend the curriculum of learning and expansion, in service of what is known as self-training.

The selection of the materials in this series has been based on the latest scientific approaches to the acquisition of foreign languages, as well as the achievements made under the European Convention on the Teaching of Languages, whose standards and standards have been developed by an expanded team of educational experts in the world.

Granada Editions has digitised these paper books and made them in the form of DVDs, because the digitization of teaching aids is one of the best methods used to motivate students, to stimulate them and to be the most effective media in establishing knowledge and establishing science.

In addition, teachers will provide a selection of high-quality learning resources, including interactive multimedia materials of their choice.

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