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Mon 29 Nov 2021

Arabic - Course Information

Gain essential skills and certification in Arabic Language

How to master Arabic Language skills and gain certification for it? Find out with our three courses specially designed to take the learners progressively towards reading, understand, writing and speaking Arabic with a wealth of exciting contents and learning experiences. You will benefit from professional accreditation by OCN London for Level one. You can read more about this level from the OCN London website, through this link: Level 1 Award in Arabic Language Skills

Upon completing level one and gaining the OCN certificate, you can progress to level 2 followed by level 3 and obtain transcripts of your achievement from OCN. The courses do not have single written examinations at the end, but offer a variety of assessment methods throughout your learning period.

Courses will start on the week commencing 29th November 2021

Courses we offer:
1 - Level One: In this level you will cover the following learning units:

(Click on the following links to learn more about the units)

Reading: >>
Writing: >>
Listening: >>
Speaking: >>
Understanding: >>

Days available for this course are:

From To
Thursday 6.30pm 8.30pm
Sunday 11.30pm 1.30pm

Course fees:

Level 1 to 3 Courses: £350 per level for the whole academic year (36 weeks).

Online Registration:

Click here to Register Online >>

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