Sun 25 Jun 2017
30 Ramadan 1438 AH

The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

This Friday 23 June 2017, the Khutba will be delivered by:

Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat

Subject: Lessons from Ramadan

--> Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.08pm
Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm
Prayer Ends: 2:00 pm

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Latest News

Islamic Cultural Centre Receives Delegates from the Grand Mufti of Russia

12 December 2015

On Saturday 12th December 2015 the Islamic Cultural Centre and Director General Dr Ahmad Al-Dubayan were delighted to receive delegates on behalf of the Grand Mufti of Russia Dr. Ravil.

During the fruitful discussions with the Deputy Grand Mufti Dr. Damir we discussed how we can strengthen the relationship between the Muslim community in the UK and Russia. The meeting was attended by senior members of the Islamic Community in the UK including Secretary General Dr Shuja Shafi of Muslim Council of Britain, Sir Iqbal Saccaranie, Head of Muslim Association of scholars Sheikh Mohammed Ismail and many more distinguished delegates.

The Deputy Mufti Dr. Damir presented gifts to the Director General Dr. Ahmad Al-Dubayan including a copy of the regular quarterly magazine and published booklets on Islam from Russia; Dr. Ahmad Al-Dubayan also exchanged gifts to the Russian Mufti delegates. During the visit the Deputy Grand Mufti extended a warm invitation to the Islamic Cultural Centre to attend the 11th International Muslim Forum Conference at the SAVOY Hotel on Tuesday 15th December 2015. The conference was attended by Mr. Feizal Muttur Head of Finance and Mohamed Omar on behalf of the Islamic Cultural Centre.