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Tue 25 Jun 2019

Dome and Minaret Fundraising Appeal

Cost £1.5 Million

The London Central Mosque has been seen since the Second World War as the focal point representing Islam in the United Kingdom. The dome reflects this and has been an iconic wonders of London attracting tourists passing by every day. For the last few years the Dome suffered damage due to the weather and age. London Central Mosque is Launching a new project especially to revamp the Dome into its formal glory.

Your donation towards this project will give you an opportunity to be part of the few people who have build this mosque and will continue in your as sadaqa jariyah.

The minaret desperately need major maintenance as well. Such a beautiful feature of this iconic building, it is not accessible to the top anymore because of cost and maintenance of a lift and repairs needed to satisfy Health and Safety rule.

"Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah builds for him a mansion in Jannah" (Al-Hadith, Sahih Bukhari).

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Fundraising Project for the Centres' Utility Bills

Total cost: £133,000 Per Year

London Central Mosque and The Islamic Cultural Centre, together with being a place of worship, is also a place of socializing and serving the needs of the Muslim community and the British society at large . The Centre is envisioned to be, with your help and participation, a Centre of education, peace promotion and understanding. We hope your Centre will not only nurture a growing Muslim community in the area but will also foster interfaith relations and serve the British society through tolerance, interaction and participation, thus building a better way of life for all.

This Centre has been operating for over seventy years. Do not let it disappear due to lack of funds. Please sponsor and help keep the Centre running by donating generously to help pay the monthly bills and utilities which include water, electricity, and gas.

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Library Development Fundraising Project

Cost £150,000

The new library unit will be equipped with new furniture, shelves, flooring and new electrical wiring. A new library archive system will be installed to secure and catalogue precious and rare books; the new library is designed to accommodate 35,000 books.

We have 24,500 books in our collection at the present moment. The books condition has not been healthy and will deteriorate if steps are not taken to improve the environment in which the books are being kept and use by the general public. A lot of our books are being used by some universities for research and by students studying for their doctorate.

We are looking for funding to keep these books available for reference to our future generation. Please donate and allow knowledge to flow and goes down to future generation.

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