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Deputy Prime Minister & Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP visits the Islamic Cultural Centre

15th May 2013

A Community Engagement Event was held on Wednesday Evening with Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP - Leader of the Liberal Democrats and the Deputy Prime Minister at the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque Trust.
The meeting was an opportunity for the Islamic Cultural Centre to provide a platform for leaders and representatives of Islamic Organisations to have the opportunity to engage as Community Stakeholders with the Deputy Prime Minister on Community Issues.

Over 600 hundred people attended the packed out event including over 150 Women, 150 Youth Leaders, Imams, Professionals, Charitable Trustees, Mosques, Schools, Police and Health Care workers. People came from as far and wide as Swansea, Edinburgh, Portsmouth and Leeds.

Accompanying Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP was Sarah Teather MP for Brent Central and ex Minister of State for Children and Families.

A whole host of questions were asked from members of the Muslim Community especially from women's organisations and youth groups.

Party President Tim Farron MP, Rt Hon Tom Brake MP & Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Mike Thornton MP also attended the event amongst many others.

Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan welcomed the Rt Hon Nick Clegg to the Islamic Cultural Centre and emphasised the importance of engagement between the Political leaders and the Muslim Community.
Dr Dubayan went on to say that "All the attendees today are representatives of a cross section of British Society and we have all gathered here this evening because we all believe that working together is a must and engagement with all politicians and leaders of governance is imperative not only to the Muslim Community but to society as a whole". He also went on to say how the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque is proud to be involved in building stronger relationships, building bridges between Muslim Communities and leaders of local and national governance.
Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan said that The Islamic Cultural Centre for nearly 60 years has been providing a spectrum of services to the community from education, religious, cultural and social services to mention a few. The Centre is a 'focal point' in the community for providing such services for many years.
He also highlighted with the upcoming remembrance of the First World war centenary next year the contribution made by many Muslim soldiers who bravely fought and gave their lives fighting for the United Kingdom. He ended by hoping that there would be further engagement and greater understanding and greater recognition of the positive role the Muslim Community has played within the greater society of the United Kingdom.

Rt Hon Nick Clegg said that he was absolutely delighted to visit the Islamic Cultural Centre and thanked everyone for attending. He Said "I sincerely believe that Muslims should be proud of their contribution in modern Britain"

He spoke about the strong family, charitable and educational values that Muslims hold which not only enriches the Muslim Community but enriches the greater Community as a whole. He emphasised the need for greater education within society and said "without education you cannot create a seed bed of tolerance and mutual respect which without, a tolerant and peaceful society cannot flourish".
Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, the Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre presented Rt Hon Nick Clegg with an award of appreciation for visiting the centre.

He also presented Rt Hon Nick Clegg with a number of publications and books regarding both The Islamic Cultural Centre and its community services and history and knowledge on the Islamic faith.

A copy of the Islamic Quarterly, a publication which the Islamic Cultural Centre has been producing since 1954 was also gifted

A 'Question and Answer' session followed the speeches where attendees asked an array of questions directly to the Deputy Prime Minister. His attendance was most appreciated by the attendees who gave positive feedback for the event being a renound success.
Sarah Teather MP for Brent Central, a local constituency also gave a speech and answered questions, She highlighted her work within the most culturally diverse locations in the United Kingdom and the current issues affecting the community

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