Sun 25 Jun 2017
30 Ramadan 1438 AH

The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

This Friday 23 June 2017, the Khutba will be delivered by:

Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat

Subject: Lessons from Ramadan

--> Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.08pm
Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm
Prayer Ends: 2:00 pm

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Latest Interfaith News

Co Exist People of Faith Walk as People of Peace

Thursday 19th February 2015

London Central Mosque were very honoured to host the launch of the CoExist Interfaith Walk for Peace. People from all faiths and none joined in the gathering to listen to reflections, inspirations and words of wisdom delivered by Head Imam Sheikh Khalifa and Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra.

The procession continued to other places of worship across London, clearly demonstrating the community's support for love, peace, and coexistence between peoples of all localities, nations and faiths. It was a wonderful turnout which is a clear success for voices of harmony.

Thanks to Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and Rev Margaret Cave for their organisation of such a splendid event and a special thanks to those who supported us!!