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Latest News - 19 Jun 2018

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The Islamic Cultural Centre welcomes Sadaf, Huda, and Maliha Ayaz, three sisters who are published writers all under the age of 17.

15 January 2016

The Director General Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan welcomed the three sisters Sadaf, Huda, and Maliha Ayaz who had travelled from New York, USA to the Islamic Cultural Centre.

The Ayaz Sisters started writing at very young ages beginning with short stories and poems. They shared their stories and read them aloud after dinner. Their parents, siblings, and he sisters themselves, critiqued each others work and supported the craft. Soon, each of them was working on books which they hoped to get published.

Huda Ayaz was the first to publish her book, Freeze-land: A New Beginningas a fourth grader. Freeze-land: A New Beginning is the first of a four-book series. A children fiction, fantasy novel that is 94 pages long, is about a girl named Samantha who is chosen by a messeneger Fairy from Freeze-land for help. An evil man named Ninstragger took over Freeze-land after the death of the Keeper of Freeze-land, Santa. Now, Samantha is the last hope Freeze-land has to come back to peace.

Three months after, Sadaf Ayaz published her debut novel Crossing Red Lights as a ninth grader. A teen fiction, mystery novel, Crossing Red Lights which runs on a roller coaster with a girl named Emma whose parents got kidnapped. After the detectives find no clues to their disappearance, and Emma suffers from short-term amnesia, Emma takes it upon herself to get to the end of the issue. With her best friend Adam and other friends by her side, Emma looks for answers and a possible new love.

A year after, Maliha Ayaz, the youngest of the trio, publisher her very first book The Heart of Time as a fifth grader. A paranormal, adventure novel, 10 year old Amber has to find the person who has The Heart of Time--a necklace that holds the power to allow the dead to go into the afterlife. When that goes into the hands of evil, all the dead are turned into ghosts and stay in the in-between life. The longer it takes for Amber to get the Heart of Time back into good hands, the worse the condition becomes in the inderground ghost Alley.

Both Crossing Red Lights and Freeze-land: A New Beginning have been optioned by several producers in Hollywood. Crossing Red Lights was optioned for a Studio Feature film and tv series by six producers while Freeze-land: A New Beginning was optioned as a cartoon series and film by seven producers.

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