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Latest News - 22 Jun 2018

Islam - The Religion of Mercy

A special one day conference was held on Sunday 3rd May 2015 which brought together a number of international experts to discuss the religion of Islam and contemporary issues.

Opening Speeches were given by the Director General of The Islamic Cultural Centre Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan followed by Dr. Mohamed Al Tabtabaee.

The Conference was split in to three main sessions with important topics and speakers as listed below. The event was very well attended with many positive outcomes and actions as confirmed by the closing session and speeches which disected the days talks and discussed future plans to expand on this subject.

Session One
Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan
Dr. Mohamed Al Tabtabaee
A Mercy to Mankind (Muhammad PBUH)
Dr. Badr Almas
Mercy of Islam in Legislation
Dr. Adil Salahi
Mercy as a Solution for Contemporary Dilemmas
Session Two
Sh. Khaled Banakhar
Mercy in the treatment of Non-Muslims
Sh. Othman Haj Yousuf
Mercy in Dealing With the Family
Session Three
Mr. Mohamed Ismail
Mercy in Dealing with Youth
Br. Shafie Moalim
Examples from Islam's Mercy
Dr. Fadil Suleiman
Mercy in Dealing with Women

Photos from the Event


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