Sun 25 Jun 2017
30 Ramadan 1438 AH

The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

This Friday 23 June 2017, the Khutba will be delivered by:

Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat

Subject: Lessons from Ramadan

--> Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.08pm
Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm
Prayer Ends: 2:00 pm

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Latest News

Prime Minister of Pakistan - Muhammad Nawaz Sharif offers Eid ul Adha prayers at the The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque Trust.

24 September 2015
Prime Minister of Pakistan - Muhammad Nawaz Sharif offers Eid ul Adha prayers in the The Islamic Cultural Centre.

The Prime Minister was received by Dr Ahmad Al-Dubayan, Director General of The Islamic Cultural Centre on his arrival at the Centre for Eid prayers.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Syed Tariq Fatemi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK
A delegation of officials from the Pakistan High Commission and a large number of the British Pakistani community also met with the Prime Minister on the joyos occasion of Eid. On this occasion, the Prime Minister, together with the Pakistani community, prayed for peace, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and unity of Ummah.

After the prayers, the Prime Minister held a meeting with members of the Pakistan Community and Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan welcomed the Prime Minister to the Centre and wished everyone a blessed Eid. Dr Dubayan also spoke on the positive work of the Pakistan community within the United Kingdom and how we should all promote stronger ties and build relations in the future.