Sun 28 May 2017
1 Ramadan 1438 AH

The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.03pm
Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm
Prayer Ends: 2:00 pm

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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs - Saudi Arabia & The Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies held a Conference on the "Study of Islam & Contemporary Muslim Societies"

18th & 19th October 2014
Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies

The conference was attended by renowned academics and researchers. An in depth study of the following subjects were presented, debated and concluded upon:

  • The Study of Islam in present global age
  • Approaches to the study of Islam
  • Study of religion as an academic subject
  • Contemporary Muslim World from the social sciences perspective
  • Exchange of knowledge in the present globalized world

These subjects were delivered by many speakers including:
  • Professor Richard Martin
  • Professor Reinhard Schulze
  • Professor Hugh Goddard
  • Professor Yasir Suleiman & many others

The Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre Dr.Ahmad Al dubayan attended the event & thinks that the above subject could be extended to further explore as to how modern Muslim societies envisage the study of Islam and evaluate it.

Orientalism and Middle Eastern studies would need to be approached from the point of view of the current political trends and changes.