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Dr. Syed Aziz Pasha: Pioneer Community Leader passes away

Press Release 23 November 2011

The Janaza prayer of Dr. Pasha was held at The London Central Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre after the Jumah prayer on Friday, 25 November 2011.

The Muslim community of Britain is in a sea of sadness with the passing of Dr. Syed Aziz Pasha, pioneer community leader, on Wednesday, 23rd of November 2011.

Dr. Pasha, 81 years, devoted his whole life and time for the community, for the well-being of the British Muslims through his organisation, UMO.

Dr. Pasha was awarded an OBE in January, 2005 for his contribution to the Muslim Community and multicultural harmony. The British Muslim Community also acknowledged his devotion, dedication and perseverance and he was honoured in 2006 by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and The London Central Mosque Trust also known as the Islamic Cultural Centre, London, for his lifetime services to the Muslim Community in Britain. (Photo above). In 2007, the Global Peace and Unity (GPU) also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Pasha.

Dr Ahmed al-Dubayan, Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre, said, "The death of Dr. Pasha is a great loss to the Muslim Community. I am sure that the next generation will remember always the remarkable efforts and achievements of Dr. Pasha. What we hope now is that the Muslim leaders in our community will learn from Dr. Pasha and will have the same feeling and love for Islam and Muslims and for everybody as Dr. Pasha had."

Dr Pasha had requested that a short message which he had written earlier in September of this year to be read out at his Salaat ul Janaza. This was read out by Hajj Ahmad Thomson to a full capacity prayer hall at The London Central Mosque. To download a pdf of the letter click here >

Pasha started his community service by establishing UMO in the Islamic Cultural Centre, London and the British Muslim Community gave him the warmest farewell from this world for his blissful and heavenly life Hereafter by praying farewell Janaza at the same place, Islamic Cultural Centre and Regent Park Central London Mosque on Friday, 25th of November 2011 after the Jumah prayer, where he never consciously missed any Friday Jumah prayer, while he was in sound health in London.

Inna Lillahi WA Inna illaihi Rajeoun. To God we belong and to Him is our return .

Click here to download obituary by Dr Mozammel Haque  

Above photo: Congregation in main hall at the Janaza Prayer of Dr Pasha.


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