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Sunday 22 Apr 2018 
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Dar Alhadith Alhasaniyyah, Rabat Morocco Conference.
Wednesday 8th March 2016
Rabat, Morocco

Standing at Dar Alhadith Alhasaniyyah in Rabat, Morocco. Dr. Ahmad Al-Dubayan, Director General of The Islamic Cultural Centre with his Emminance Prof. Bashshar Maroof the well-known specialist in Hadith Sharif and Prof. Ghanim Gaddouri Alhamad specialist in Quranic Studies after attending an International Conference on 'Editing of the manuscripts of the Quranic Studies'.

At the Conference Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan delivered a lecture on 'Methodology of the Orientalists and Arab Scholars in Editing Arabic Manuscripts'.

Dar al-Hadith al-Hasaniyyah is an academic and cultural institute which was established by Hasan II, the late King of Morocco in 1388 AH / 1968 AD. It is administered under the supervision of the Royal Court. The aim of establishing this state institute is to pay special attention to hadith sciences and to educate researchers who would pursue the academic life of great hadith transmitters and ulema.

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