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Monday 21 May 2018 
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Arab Women in Today's British Society conference

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On behalf of The Islamic Cultural Centre and ETWA (English Teachers Working Abroad) we are pleased to invite you to our (AWITS) Arab Women in Today's British Society conference.

The conference will highlight the needs and ways forward to provide a platform and forum for Arabic speaking women here in the UK to have a voice and an outlet to express and contribute to today's society effectively. It will address the thoughts and the vision needed to help empower the Arabic speaking communities for the coming future.

The Conference will cover some of the following topics:
  • The role of Arabic Speaking Women in UK Society and cultural circles
  • How can we influence and develop the role of Arab speaking women in the western and British society
  • Identifying and encourage talented women leaders in the community
  • Tackling culture and educational challenges and identifying the creative role of Arab women
  • Arab women and integration with wider society
The conference seeks to recognise, address and promote the role of Arab women in British society. We wish to help create an environment where we can discover and develop talents, increase access to education and employment. We also would like to increase the use of e-learning techniques, create opportunities for social and family activities, capacity build talented leaders from grassroots' organisations to influence policy making in the future...

Date: To be confirmed

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