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Tue 25 Jan 2022

London Central Mosque School (LCMS)

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Aims & Objectives

To provide a clean Islamic environment.

To stimulate the child to be interested in the Arabic school, and to have the desire to go to it without any pressure.

To offer students the skills to communicate in Arabic.

To increase the child's self confidence to learn the Islamic heritage to strengthen his faith, correct his religious practice, and improve his behaviour.

To train the Muslim child to recite the Holy Quran correctly, understand its meaning and learn at least two parts of it.

To prepare the students to pass the GCSE exams in Arabic and Islamic studies.

To deepen the feeling of Islam in the child, and teach him about the history and civilisation of the Muslims.

To discipline the child about the need of neither exaggeration of his religion nor abandonment of it so teaching him how to live in a multi-religious, multicultural Society, with the preservation of his own identity and religion in order to integrate positively in the society and serve it.

To raise the family's awareness of its role in achieving the educational school goal.

To increase the competence of the teaching team as well as the administration in order to fulfil adequately the demand of the increasing number of students applying to join the school.


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