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30 May 2024

New Course: Al-Imam Al Nawawis Forty Hadith


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Course Title: Al-Imam Al Nawawis Forty Hadith
Start Date: Saturday 18 May 2024
Day & Time: Saturday's from 3pm to 4pm
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Facilitator: Dr. Abdullah Al Sliti
About: This class is for both male & female and over the age of 17 years old.
Cost: Free

Course Description:

Hadith is the second most important source of shariah. The actions, saying and approvals of the prophet are vital nexus of guidance for the muslim way of life. This course gives students the opportunity to understand the meaning of 10 selected hadith from the book of Al-Imam Al Nawawis forty Hadith.

The main aims is of the course is to enhance student knowledge and understanding of some morals and virtues of Islam derivable from a range of selected hadiths of the prophet - pbuh.

To achieve this, the student will realise the following objectives:

  • To appreciate the way Hadith impacts on attitudes of individual muslims and the community at large..
  • Identify and enrich students' understanding of the aspects of Aqeedah, fiqh, Adaab and Akhlaq derivable from hadith.
  • Understand some of the most important principles of shariah as a complete way of life.
Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the student will be able to develop:

  • Understanding some concepts of Tawheed, and aspects of Islamic moral teachings.
  • Understanding the importance of the prophet's words, actions and Approvals.
  • Derive own lessons and set practical personal development goals.
  • Able to apply the skills learned on the course to develop more understanding of the basic meaning of the hadith

This course is taught over a 8 Weeks consisting of 8 hours of direct tutor-led instruction. Students will be expected to commit at least 2 additional hours of self-guided learning to revisit the topic of the week as well as completing set tasks. Regular attendance and punctuality is expected throughout the duration of the course.

Both formative and summative assessment will be applied to inform acquired learning.

You will receive ICC completion certificate recognizing your achievement on this course.

At the end of this course, the student should be able to progress to further study of this important science.

If you require further information please contact the head of education Mr Ahmed Limam on


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